1. FIS Ski Jumping World Cup 2020, organised by Tatrzanski Zwiazek Narciarski with registered office ul. Br. Czecha 1, 34-500 Zakopane, being held on the Wielka Krokiew jumping hill in Zakopane on the following dates:

24-26 January 2020

Rightful ticket owners have a right of access to the event venue in the following times:

date                             gates opening           gates closing

24 January                   15:30

25 January                   13:00

26 January                   13:00

Detailed programme as well as gate opening/closing times will be confirmed once the official competition schedule has been confirmed by International Ski Federation FIS.

2. Rightful ticket owners have a right to remain in the event venue from the gate opening till the end of the event. After the end of the event they are requested to leave the event venue without delay.

3. Only rightful ticket owner and persons in possession of accreditation issued by the Organiser are allowed to enter the event venue.

Minors under 13 years of age must remain at the event venue accompanied by adults only.

4. Regulations concerning purchased tickets:

- purchased tickets shall be secured in such a way that they do not get damaged in any way (especially the bar code)

- unused tickets shall not be refunded

- the Organiser does not provide duplicates of lost or damaged tickets

- damaged tickets without valid or with damaged bar code become void and as such cannot be refunded or exchanged

- purchased ticket is valid for one person only, it does not entitle to entering of any accompanying persons or children (irregardless of age)

- purchased tickets entitle to single entry to event venue, re-entering is not possible after the event venue has been left

- ticket owners are obliged to get acquainted with information provided on the ticket itself as well as the map that will facilitate access to required sector

5. Any ticket owner who refuses authorisation check by security personnel (this includes both ticket check and identity check) shall not be allowed into the venue or will be removed from the venue.

6. Ticket owner under influence of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic drugs or any other substances shall not be allowed to enter the event or will be removed from event venue.

7. Ticket owners who behave aggressively and pose threat to public order and other event participants shall not be allowed to enter the event or will be removed from event venue.

8. Ticket owners with faces covered / painted in a way that it does not allow identification shall not be allowed to enter the event or will be removed from event venue.

9. Event participants shall behave in a way that does not pose a threat to security and well-being of other event participants, in particular follow the rules & regulations of the MASS EVENT, venue and Organiser.

10. The following items are not allowed in the MASS EVENT venue: explosives, pyrotechnic materials (including – flares, fire-works, torches, etc.), substances that might pose a fire threat, drinks in plastic or cartoon bottles over 0,2 ml, drinks in cans or glass bottles of any capacity, alcoholic drinks, narcotic or psychotropic drugs, objects that might potentially pose a threat on lives and health of other event participants, such as baseball bats, knives, metal pipes or wooden masts for flags and banners, lasers, etc.

Evaluation of objects as dangerous remains the sole duty of security personnel.

11. The organiser reserves the right to search event participants’ clothing and carried bags/backpacks in cases allowed by relevant law. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to the event to participants who refuse such a search.

12. The organiser does not keep a deposit for objects that are not allowed into the event venue.

13. The organiser does not allow any pets into the event venue.

14. It is not allowed to damage any public or organiser’s property including information boards, dust bins, benches or any other objects. Nor it is allowed to arbitrarily remove or change location of any property in the event venue. It is not allowed to start / ignite fire.

15. It is not allowed to provoke or initiate in any way disturbances of law and order, to use abusive or offensive language that would discriminate other due to their race, sex, religion, age, views or any other.

16. Participants who disturb public order, pose a threat to other event participants, violate common manners, carry into event venue objects that are otherwise not allowed, or who do not follow the event rules and regulation will be removed from the event venue.

17. Participants mentioned in art. 16 are liable to legal consequences provided for by the law.

18. Rightful ticket owners shall possess access to zones specified in accordance with purchased tickets.

19. It is not allowed to block or barricade gates, evacuation paths/roads, access roads for police, ambulances and emergency services, hydrants or any other devices used during rescue operations in any way.

20. All rightful ticket owners are obliged to get acquainted with MASS EVENT Rules & Regulations, venue layouts and respect those (these shall be displayed by the gates at the venue).

21. Event participants are obliged to inform the Organiser or security personnel of any fires or recognised threats.

22. The Organiser does not hold any responsibility for property left at the venue.

23. Event participants are obliged to follow instructions and orders by the Organiser and security personnel.

24. Event organiser reserves the right to change the competition programme or cancel the event in case of unfavourable weather conditions or taking into consideration any other circumstances threatening lives and health of its participants.

25. Security personnel acts on behalf of the Organiser in carrying out provisions of the above MASS EVENT rules & regulations.

26. All vehicles without rightful permission from the Organiser parked in the venue before or during the event, blocking or barricading gates, evacuation paths/roads, access roads for police, ambulances and emergency services, hydrants or any other devices used during rescue operations will be removed from the venue at the costs of the owner.

27. It is not allowed to carry professional cameras (ie. SLR irregardless of the lenses type) or video camera into the event venue.

28. In accordance with law regulating organisation of mass events (zmiana Dz. U z 2011r. nr 217 poz. 1280) sale of beer (up to 3,5% alcohol content) will be carried out at the venue during the event.

29. Sale and consumption of beer will be allowed only in designated area

1. entrance to sector D

2. entrance to sector A.

30. Sale of beer will be carried out from the gate opening.

31. In accordance with “art. 181 ust. 4 ustawy z dnia 26 października 1982 r. o wychowaniu w trzeźwości i przeciwdziałaniu alkoholizmowi (Dz. U. z 2012 r. poz. 1356)” beer will not be served to under-aged and people under the influence of alcohol.



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