rules & regulations regarding ticket purchase and participation in sport events

organisedby Tatra Ski Federation, Zakopane


1. General

The following rules & regulations („Regulations") specify general conditions of participation in sport events organised by the organiser, i.e. Tatra Ski Federation, Zakopane and constitute part of the contract into which ticket buyers enter with the event organiser.


2. Organiser’s duties, event cancellation, programme change

2.1 Organiser is obliged to allow all rightful ticket owners access to event venue.

2.2 Organiser has a right to cancel the event without prior notice as a result of circumstances beyond organiser’s control.

2.3 Organiser has a right to change/adjust event programme due to reasons beyond their control – state of national mourning, unfavourable weather conditions, illness of entered athletes or any other force majeure remaining beyond organiser’s control.

2.4 Event Organizator shall provide entertainment programme with games, contests, etc. managed by professional DJ's, sale of regional products, food and drinks, as well as sanitary facilities. Ticket holders are not entitled to any refunds in case any of the above not being provided.


3. Ticket holders’ duties

3.1 Ticket holders’ are obliged to get acquainted with the following rules and regulations as well as MASS EVENT Rules & Regulations, and any other rules and regulations that might directly or indirectly refer to event in question.

3.2. Entering the event venue, ticket holders’ agree to:

a) free use of image for the Organiser’s marketing purposes;

b) remaining in zone of sound intensity that might affect hearing;

c) remaining in crowded environment with all consequences that it might entail;


4. Tickets, entry

4.1 Purchased tickets shall be treated as individual consent by the organiser to enter event venue, that might be withdrawn at any time due to security reasons.

4.2 Damaged tickets - not possessing valid control bar code / QR code (or any other), or with any of the above demaged, stay no longer valid and as such do not entail their owners to enter event in question, nor is their owner entailed to any refunds or ticket exchange.

4.3 The organiser does not provide duplicate of lost or damaged tickets.

4.4 In case of voucher distribution, the following regulations apply accordingly.

4.5 Purchased tickets entitle to single entry to event venue, it is not allowed to re-enter the venue after it has been left.

4.6 Tickets cannot be used in advertising and promotional activities (including contests and lotteries) without prior consent of the organiser.

4.7 Resale or an attempt of resale of tickets at prices other than quoted on the ticket itself, or use in unauthorised promotion voids the ticket without any possibility of receiving a refund.

4.8 Entering the event venue is possible only during hours provided by the organiser, venue gates shall close in hours provided by the organiser. These hours are provided on the ticket itself.

4.9 Tickets purchased and not used will not be refunded unless the whole event has been cancelled due to organiser’s fault. In such a case, refund rules and regulations apply.


5. Event security

5.1 The organiser reserves the right to:

a) refuse admission to the event to rightful ticket holders due to security reasons

b) in cases justified with security reasons, demand rightful ticket holders to leave the event venue applying all the necessary steps to enforce the decision. This applies in particular to situations in which ticket holders disrupt public order, behave aggressively or in opposition with the following rules and regulations.

c) refuse admission to the event to ticket holders who have been found out carrying weapons and guns, dangerous tools/objects or any other objects that might pose a threat to other event participants.

d) forbid any of the following in the event venue – bottles, flag masts, etc. (for details please refer to MASS EVENT Rules & Regulations)

e) change sector to which the ticket entails without any limitations


6. Additional provisions

6.1 Irrregardless of the above rules & regulations, all rightful ticket owners are obliged to follow provisions of the MASS EVENT Rules & regulations and relevant law acts.

6.2 Purchase of the ticket is equivalent to acceptance of the above rules & regulations.

6.3 Ticket seller does not accept any responsibility for the organiser’s actions. However, ticket seller is being held responsible for any actions that might cause damage to the organiser or ticket buyers.


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