For the purposes of these Regulations the following expressions shall mean as follows:

Regulations – document regulating principles of transactions between buyers of tickets via website, in particular defining the rights and obligations of both parties, namely buyers of tickets and TZN. These Regulations apply to every ticket purchased via website for any of the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup competitions organised in Zakopane by TZN.

Seller – Tatrzański Związek Narciarski (otherwise referred to as TZN), with registered office in Br. Czecha 1 B, 34-500 Zakopane.

Organiser - Tatrzański Związek Narciarski (otherwise referred to as TZN), with registered office in Br. Czecha 1 B, 34-500 Zakopane.

Individual buyer – a person/entity purchasing tickets in line with the regulations.

B2B customer – registered business purchasing tickets in line with the regulation.

Sale season – period between sale start and closure for a given event

Working days – working days between Monday and Friday with exception of public holidays.

Order realisation time – time required for TZN to prepare delivery of purchased tickets


2.1 Registering and logging in

2.1.1 Buyers are obliged to purchase tickets in accordance with the below listed procedures as well as the terms and conditions of payment.

2.1.2. Registration in online store system is a pre-condition for purchase of tickets.

2.1.3. Buyer is allowed to register one account in the store only.

2.1.4. It is not allowed to use temporary e-mail accounts generated by specially designated engines.

2.1.6. Any attempt to violate any of the above rules will result in account suspension/closure.

2.1.7. Registering an account, Buyer accepts provisions of the Online Store Rules and Regulations.

2.1.8. Seller reserves the right to temporarily close account registration.

2.1.9. In order to register in the online store system, Buyers are required to enter website and choose REGISTER providing an e-mail address and chosen password, together with first name, surname, address, telephone number.

2.1.10. Provision of full and update data is a pre-condition for registration and proper order realisation. TZN shall not be held liable for delayed or incomplete order realisation as a result wrong or incomplete data provision by the Buyer.

2.1.11. Any change of address requires contacting the store administrator at

2.1.12. The Buyer confirms that provided data is true and his/her own property.

2.1.13. In order to confirm e-mail address used for registration, Buyers are required to activate link delivered to the e-mail address provided while registering. Confirmation links for B2B accounts are not generated automatically.

2.1.14. Registered accounts shall remain inactive until verification process is complete. Account verification will be carried out by shop's administrator within 3 working days from registering during sale season, periodically outside of sale season.

2.1.15. Registered individual Buyer has a right to place one order per sale season.

2.1.16. A maximum/total of 20 tickets (independent of type) can be ordered within an order by an individual customer.

2.1.17. After registration and verification of VAT number, B2B customer receives right to purchase up to 100 tickets. Verification by store’s administrator takes up to 48 hours.

2.1.18. Online store does not offer any form of ticket reservation. Tickets can be purchased via online store once the sale starts.

2.2 Ordering

2.2.1 Buyers are enabled to order 24 hours a day.

2.2.2. When ordering, Buyers shall specify the product (ADD TO CART), ordered amount, and delivery address if different from billing address.

2.2.3. Adding tickets to cart does not guarantee ticket availability, the cart does not store tickets either.

2.2.4. Purchase process is being finalised after “CONFIRM ORDER” has been confirmed, which stands for entering into legal contract between buyer and seller.

2.2.5. Buyer receives a confirmation e-mail sent to address provided while registering specifying order reference number and contains data necessary for finalisation of a bank wire.

2.2.6. Purchased tickets shall be paid for within 3 working days from the date of purchase.

2.2.7. Orders not paid for within 3 working days shall be cancelled without prior notice.

2.2.8. An invoice is generated automatically for billing data provided while registering. In accordance with Polish law it is not allowed to adjust/change billing data once an invoice was issued.

2.2.9. In accordance with Art. 38 item 12 of the Consumer Rights Act once entered into a contract with the Seller, Buyers are not entitled to withdraw from it.


2.3.1 Only personalised tickets will be issued from 2020/21 season.

2.3.2 After order status is changed to PAID FOR, Buyer receives a link to TICKET PERSONALISATION application, that is also available in the customer panel after logging in under given order.

2.3.3. The link remains active for 72 hours.

2.3.4. The link allows access to online store application where personal data of each person for whom tickets were bought needs to be entered. In order to log in into the application, Buyer uses login and password for his/her store account.

2.4.5. Personal data – gender, first name, surname, nation, passport number as well as a one of the following statements

- I will have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 according to law binding in Poland on the competition day,

- I will have had a staus of recovered from Covid-19 according to law binding in Poland on the competition day,

- as of 20th October 2021 children up to 12 years of age are excempt from the above; regulations in force on the day of the competition apply

shall be entered into rightful slots. This can only be done once. System requires complete data to be entered before allowing to close the application. Once the data is entered and stored, Buyer has no access to edit/change the data.

2.4.6. Ticket holders entering Event venue are obliged to possess and provide an ID document with picture as well as valid Covid passport

2.4.7. Organiser reserves right to refuse access to Event venue to ticket holders who do not possess a valid ID document with picture and a valid Covid passport, or shall he/she possess a document for a name different that the one ticket was issued for.  

2.4.8. Buyer is held responsible for the accuracy of personal data entered into the store system.

2.4.9. In case personal data are not entered into the system within 72 hours from order status being updated to PAID FOR, the order will automatically be cancelled without prior notice, payment returned to Buyer’s account at his/her expense.

2.4 Ticket price

Ticket prices provided on

-        include VAT
-        are listed in Polish zloty (PLN)
-        do not include delivery fees.

Total order value is being calculated after payment and delivery methods have been chosen (see payment and delivery). 

2.5 Payments

2.5.1 Tickets are being delivered after they have been fully and completely paid for.

2.5.2. Payment for purchased tickets can solely be made via bank transfer.

2.5.3. Buyers are obliged to provide proper reference number – order number provided while purchasing.

2.5.4. TZN does not hold any responsibility for delays and/or mistakes occurring as consequence of wrong payment identification.

2.5.5. Wrong payment identification might lead to order cancellation.

2.5.6. After payment has been received successfully, reservation status is updated to "PAID FOR."

2.5.7. Payments are not posted automatically in our online store system.

2.5.8. Payments are posted earliest the following working day after receipt of the amount into TZN bank account.

2.5.9.In some cases, it might take up to 3 workings days. 

2.5.10. Invoices are generated automatically for the billing address provided while registering and are available in the customer panel.

2.5.11. Orders not paid within the required 3 days period shall be automatically cancelled without prior notice.

2.5.12. All transfer costs are to be covered by the Buyer.

2.6. Ticket distribution

2.6.1. Ordered tickets will be dispatched between 1st and 31 December 2021.

2.6.2. Dispatch will take place in order in which orders had been place.

2.6.3 Tickets can be dispatched irregardless of order number, when an extra fee of 50 PLN is paid and included into order. Tickets purchased from Tatrzański Związek Narciarski (TZN) via shall be delivered with GLS courier mail.

2.6.4. Current order status can be checked in the customer panel.  

2.6.5. TZN shall not be held liable for delayed or incomplete order realisation as a result wrong or incomplete data provision by the Buyer.

2.6.7. TZN cannot be held responsible for delays caused by courier mail company. Their services are being provided in accordance with rules and regulation which can be found

2.6.8. Standard delivery time varies depending on the country, between 3-5 working days.

2.6.9. TZN does not accept any responsibility for inaccuracies in delivery address as these are being provided by customers during purchase or registration.

2.6.10. Any complaints regarding delivery content shall be made without delay, not later than 7 days after delivery in writing to

2.6.11. Delivery costs depend on the country of delivery (prices in PLN)

700+ customs

2.7.Refunds/ Exchange

2.7.1 In accordance with Polish Consumer Rights Act (Art. 38 point 12) there are no refunds offered for tickets to sport, cultural or entertainment events with specified date / dates purchased via internet.

2.7.2. No withdrawal from the contract is possible in such a case.

2.7.3. Tickets are non-refundable in case of Event cancellation due to unfavourable weather conditions.

2.7.4. Tickets are refundable ONLY in case of Event cancellation due to negligence of the Organiser.


2.8.1. Change of personal data in the system / on provided tickets can only be made once per order, latest 21 days before Event.

2.8.2. Change of personal data in the system / on provided ticket can only be made by the Buyer – rightful order owner.

2.8.3. Fee for change of personal data in the system / on provided tickets is 150 PLN per ticket, delivery costs 25 PN per order. The fee is non-refundable even in case of Event cancellation due to Covid-19 restrictions and limitations.

2.8.4. Change of personal data in the system / on provided ticket can only be made under exceptional circumstance. Organiser reserves right to verify these circumstances and demand a proof/documentation from the Buyer.

2.8.5. In order to change personal data in the system / on provided ticket Buyer needs to fill in a relevant form, send it back together with tickets at their own expense to the Seller’s head-office. Buyer will receive an invoice with amount to be paid. Tickets with changed personal data will be sent to the Buyer within 7 days after receipt of the money.


3.1 Personal data

3.1.1 Personal data provided by Buyers (while registration and ordering) are collected, stored, administered and protected by Tatrzanski Zwiazek Narciarski with registered office ul. Br. Czecha 1, 34-500 Zakopane (hereinafter called TZN).

3.1.2. Data are provided by Buyer and store customers voluntarily.

3.1.3. Buyer and store customers consent to processing of their personal data by TZN for the sole purpose of executing ticket/s sale contract.

3.1.4. Customers have unlimited right to access to their personal data, as well as correct, supplement or effectively delete data.

3.1.5. Customers certify that provided data are his/her own data.

3.1.6. Detailed provisions in regards to data protection policy can be found under privacy policy. 

3.2 Newsletter

3.2.1. Newsletters, e-mails and other electronic notifications are being sent out for advertising purposes and to announce news (hereinafter “newsletter”) only with Buyer’s consent, which is recorded during registration, or where there is a legal basis to do so.

3.2.2. Store customer / Buyer may unsubscribe from the newsletter, i.e. withdraw their consent, at any time via unsubscribe option available in the customer panel. TZN will continue to process Buyer’s personal data until withdrawal of the consent is received. Buyer has right to request the erasure of their personal data.


4.1 TZN has the right to cancel an order and/or delete an account should it violate the above Rules and Regulations.

4.2. It is not allowed to resell purchased tickets for profit.

4.3. Purchase of tickets from unidentified sources may result in denial of access to the Event venue.

4.4. Any complaints shall be made in writing to TZN address. These shall be addressed by TZN within 30 days.

4.5. Seller/TZN reserves right to final interpretation of the above Rules and Regulations.

5. COVID-19 Clause

5.1. Due to world-wide Covid-19 pandemic, Event shall be carried out in accordance with any laws, limitations and restrictions valid at the time of its organisation.

5.2 In accordance with the decision of the Polish Ski Federation, tickets and admittance to the Event in winter season 2021/22 will only be available to

- persons that will have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 according to law binding in Poland on the competition day,

- persons who will have had a staus of recovered from Covid-19 according to law binding in Poland on the competition day,

- as of 20th October 2021 children up to 12 years of age are excempt from the above; regulations in force on the day of the competition apply

5.3 Ticket holders are obliged to follow all regulations resulting from Covid-19 pandemic mitigation scheme, such as wearing face masks/face and mouth covering, keeping social distance, hand sanitising, or any other in operation during the time of Event organisation. In case a ticket holder refuses to follow any of these instructions he/she will be removed from Event venue, without any right to ticket refund.

5.4 Decision on allowing or not the public into the Event venue shall be made by the Organiser, in accordance with rules and regulations in operation at the time of the Event organisation, latest on the competition day.

5.5 In case Event is held without public access, being a result of Covid-19 pandemic, Seller / Organiser shall offer refunds for purchased tickets based on the following rules and procedures,

5.5.1 Only ticket price will be refunded, without delivery cost.

5.5.2. No other claims will be accepted (costs of travel, accommodation, etc.).

5.5.3.  Refunds will only be made on Buyer’s request, after a designated form is filled and returned to store's e-mail address Claims will be received within 30 days, after the decision to carry out the event without public has been made. After that deadline the claims will no longer be processed. 

5.5.4. A right to claim a refund is restricted to Buyers only (rightful order owners).

5.5.5. After claim is received, Buyer receives an invoice correction that shall be confirmed in the way specified in the e-mail he/she receives to e-mail address linked to store account.

5.5.6. Refunds will be realised within 30 days after confirmation of the receipt of the correction invoice by the Buyer.

5.5.7. Placing an order in the TZN online store, Buyer consents to their personal data being transferred to relevant national and/or regional health institutions responsible for Covid-19 mitigation if required.


 In operation from date of publishing 24th October 2021

 with update dated 23rd November 2021


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